Monsoon Skin Care Tips

After this hard ugly summers, Monsoons are really really pleasant and you feel wonderful when you have that change of the weather from hot to cool and Let me just tell you one thing Monsoon apart from exchanging pleasantries has lot of other things it carries along with it, so one of the reasons would be the skin issues the other would be hair issues now when we are looking at the beauty part of it. It is also necessary you need to be very cautious any careful during this seasons because there is lot of things that go around during this seasons that is you falling ill, you been expose to chums and these dlies they are all around and all over the place during monsoon.

Now lets come to the beauty part of it and the main problem we face here with skin would be more of like allergies, acne is always an issue during this season or actually it happens because of pollution around here and we need to get rid out of that pollution and toxic that goes deep into our skin. We need to really take care of our selves if we live in a polluted metro cities.

You can follow some skin care regimes-

if you step out of the house its very very necessary for you to follow a really good skin care regime and It is important in that regime to include your sun screen that is main part here. Dont think that just we dont get to see too much of sun during the monsoon its always bloomy and dark there your skin will not be affected by the sun. Its the UVA rays that deeply penetrates into your skin causing pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles and we dont want any of this issues right? Be cautious apply sunscreen 30 mins before stepping out even though its raining or whatever.

There is so much of impurities that sets into our screen and we need to take care of that so we need to remove all of the impurities from our skin. We sweat dring monsoons which gets set into our skin. you are collecting a lot of dead skin cells which also get into your pores all of this just builts up into blackheads and acne and this is not a pretty side and we need to get rid all of those. You can use a scrub, important to use a good charcoal mask. Charcoal is an important ingredient that helps you pull out this impurities. Firstly you can wash your face, Cleanse your face nicely and then you can apply any Charcoal face masks and gently start massaging the skin. The activated carbon in that product gently exfoliates your skin and gets rid of the dead skin cells.This is one step to having pure skin.This works very well with people with oily skin.

Best ideas to the skin care in Rainy Season

  1. Tomatoes for Skin
  2. Water for glowing skin
  3. Jojoba oil retains skin moisture
  4. Avoid heavy foundations and moisturizers
  5. Keep an eye on your diet
  6. Smoking and drinking affect your skin too!
  7. Cleaning and Toning of Skin

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