5 Healthiest Foods For good health – Super Healthy

  • Walnuts-
    Maintain your ideal weight
    Speed up Metabolism
    Help with Diabetes
    Sugar cravings get reduced
    Helps with Heart disease
    Protecting skin against sun damage
    Great pre workout food
  • Sunflower Seeds-
    Rich in Nutrients
    Reduces weight
    Reduces signs of aging
    Reduces Cholestrol level and keeps heart healthy
    Improves digestion process
    Treats high blood pressure
    Regulates hormonal balance
    Prevents cancer
    Treats sleeps disorder
    Treats arthritis
    Facilitates the growth of the body
  • Red and yellow bell papers-
    Improves eye vision
    Prevents Cancer
    Reduces stress
    Promotes cardiovascular health
    Boost immunity
    Detoxify body
    Reverses signs of aging
    Reducing blemishes and other skin problems
  • Tomatoes-
    Helps control blood sugar levels
    prevent heart problems
    cancer fighting
    Improve our vision
    Help you lose weight
  • Green Tea –
    Help prevent Cancer
    Great for your mouth
    Great for focus
    Good for your heart
    Help you burn fat
    Can protect your brain
    may increase lifespan

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