Exercise!!! And that also every day! Oh NO! Please don’t tell me, this is what everyone thinks, including me. Many of us have the same mindset. But ONCE YOUR MINDSET CHANGES, EVERYTHING ON THE OUTSIDE WILL CHANGE ALONG WITH IT. – STEVE MARABOLI

 In this article, I am going to talk to you about the benefits of exercising every day. But before talking about the benefits, we should know the importance of exercise. 

What are the benefits of exercising?

Exercise not only changes your body, but it also develops your mind, your attitude, and your mood. It should be a remark as a tribute to the heart. Good things come to those who sweat. Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

Exercise changes your body, I mean it. This is from my personal experience; I never thought that someday I will be writing an article on exercise. But then, I wanted to share my personal experience of my weight loss with everyone, I decided to jot it down. Now let’s question this to yourself that When my body structure started changing? FIT TO FAT In my case since from the time I started earning? Now you might be thinking how’s this even related? But yes MONEY is the only reason behind maintaining our lifestyle. When I started earning, home food started boring me. Every day I had burgers, pizzas, Chinese in my lunch times. At start, I never realized that how I am getting addicted to the outside food.

Here I will also share some of the signs and symptoms of food addiction-

  1. Getting cravings despite feeling full
  2. Eating much more than intended
  3. Eating until feeling excessively stuffed
  4. Hiding eating from others
  5. Unable to quit despite problems

Something I would like to add here on home food vs. Outside food – Food prepared at home is healthier. We eat fewer calories when we cook at home. And when restaurant dishes and home cooked meals are compared on a per-calorie basis, home cooked meals are healthier. … They also have more fiber, calcium, and iron compared to food that’s prepared away from home. Researchers evaluated more than 9,000 meals prepared at home. On average, homemade meals contain more vegetables, less carbohydrates, and less fat than any other meal. Study researchers also concluded that people who eat homemade food also go less often too fast food chains.

So, continuing to my story, when I completed my 1 year of service in the company with which I also gained 13 kgs of extra weight on my fit to fat body. But I won’t be the only one there are many like me. The only thing is you have to accept that you are living a bad lifestyle and you have to improvise it.

How are you going to improvise it?

  1. Don’t skip workouts. This is the hardest piece of advice to follow in this list — the problem is getting into the mindset to work out, after all. …
  2. Find an activity you enjoy. …
  3. Set goals and track your progress in a visible manner. …
  4. Seek inspiration. …
  5. Remind yourself why you’re living an active life.

Once when you start improvising your daily lifestyle from which EXERCISING is one of the important factors you will notice the change in you.

Some of the benefits of Exercise I would like to share with you-

  1. It can make you feel happier and can help with weight loss. And seriously I am happy as I lost 13 kgs in 4 months.
  2. Reduce stress.
  3. Improve self-confidence
  4. Boost brain power and sharpen memory
  5. Help manage addiction
  6. Inspire others
  7. Improves mood
  8. Promotes better sleep
  9. Increase your chances of living longer
  10. Reduce your risk of heart diseases

The above listed are the benefits but the important point is the happiness that you get when you transform your body from fat to fit when you have good body posture you feel so confident to wear any cloth whether it’s a gown, a skirt, trousers, jeans, etc.. You feel more confident when you walk with a good posture. You don’t need to hold your stomach to look flattens. You are no more a fat-shaming person. You don’t have to deal with the feelings of overweight. You are no more a part of getting bullied or teased for overweight. All this is just because of the daily EXERCISE.

To conclude, Stay in shape And remember daily exercise is a must plan for it and do it; the rewards will be well worth it. – Jack Lalanne. So, now are you ready to Exercise daily?