YOUR BODY IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR LIFESTYLE…So true. We have read a lot of articles on the Importance of Lifestyle where we have read mostly about living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mental wellbeing, diseases, and long term illnesses. But In this article, I am not going to share any diseases or illnesses.

I am going to share my views on why everyone should live a good lifestyle. Just an example, we take a lot of effort to lose our weight but do we ever think twice before we eat all that junk and unhealthy pizzas, burgers. Do we ever think about why I am even at this stage to lose my weight? This is the point when maintaining a lifestyle comes into existence. If you thought of adapting a good food eating habit then you wouldn’t gain those excessive and unwanted fats on your body. So, let’s start to eat healthy food. Include fruits in your breakfast and avoid oily and buttery products. Include salads, green vegetables, and lentils in your meals. Increase the consumption of water in your day to day life. “Water is the best natural remedy. Drink your way to better health”.

Since, in the above content, we talked about what to eat and what not to eat. Now let’s see how Food impacts our daily lives. Many people including me think that meat is required for a healthy diet.  But I changed my mindset only when I watch this movie called “The Game Changer” on Netflix. In this movie, James Wilks travels the world on a quest for the truth about meat, protein, and strength. Showcasing elite athletes, special ops soldiers, and visionary scientists to change the way people eat and live. Shortly I will mention that It’s been shown in the movie that a plant-based diet improves the health of your gut so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from the food that supports your immune system and reduce inflammation. So, that was all about food habits, manners which is one of the most convincing parts to maintain your lifestyle.

Now, when a lifestyle talk comes obviously we should know that grooming is one of the most important topics.

We only groom ourselves when we are going to work, party, wedding, birthday, like any event… Why don’t we make a habit of grooming ourselves on every day basis why we have to iron our clothes only for any event why can’t we make a habit of wearing ironed home comfy clothes? When we are at home we just want to relax. 90% of populations don’t even comb their hair on weekends. Why? This is what we have to change in ourselves. We know that we always have dirt under our nails, we see and we hide it by wearing socks because we are that lazy. The least we can do is book a salon for manicure or pedicure appointment. We spent the entire day thinking of it but we are extreme lazy people to book an appointment also. Gyms are open on weekends but we personally declare a holiday for ourselves. Avoiding gym, exercise is not a part of adapting a good lifestyle. You should always carry a good body posture and personality. As I mentioned at the start of article “Your body is reflection of your lifestyle”. Now-a-days people do judge your lifestyle from the way you carry yourself, like a bloating tummy is drawback of consuming consistent junk food. Bad teeth which reflect you are so lazy to book a dental appointment, white hair all over your head, cleaning your ears, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm rather than your hands. These are all basic things but still many people don’t do it and certainly it affects our lifestyle. This small things matters a lot when we are presenting ourselves in front of the audience. Especially for the people who work in corporate sectors, marketing industry, a bank representative. Hence instead of getting nervous and losing your confidence start changing yourself by adapting good habits in your daily life which will definitely turn into a Good Lifestyle.

Last but not the least, Reading books is important.

If you know how to read then the whole world opens up to you.Barack Obama. Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information, and you never know when it might come in handy. The more knowledge you have, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face. Reading improves your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you gain exposure to. Knowing that you can speak to higher-ups with self-confidence can be an enormous boost to your self-esteem. Hence make Reading as one of the important factor in your daily life.

To conclude, many people think that a good and rich lifestyle is built only from money, which is absolutely wrong. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, IT’S ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE. So how are you willing to change your lifestyle?