Welcome to my one more new article. The title might be unique for some of you, sound different to some of you while reading might be you are not that curious to read this article but it will surely help you for diverting your mind towards learning YOGA. All the content that I have mentioned in this article is from my personal experience.

Let’s begin so before starting to jot down this article. I was thinking of the titles for my article. I surfed a lot on the internet mostly I come across was the benefits of yoga, the importance of yoga, 10 health benefits, 20 health benefits, 38 health benefits, etc.. And the message conveyed through all those articles is almost the same. I always try to give a unique perspective to my articles and hence I thought to jot down my personal Yoga learning experience.

To start with my own Yoga story, I was never interested in learning Yoga. I was a so called lazy person whose mornings used to start by 9 or 9:30 AM and the first thing I used to do in the morning was brush my teeth and immediately start eating. And I never used to have healthy breakfast I used to drink a lot of milk tea and include breads, buns, and oil fried recipes in my breakfast a very popular combo of unhealthy junk food which resulted in increasing my weight, as well as I started losing my good posture of body. A time arrived when I personally felt that I would never get rid of Hip fat.

So, one day an incident happened to like my Mom was not feeling well due to minor stomach pain. It was so shocking for us because my Mom worked for almost 35 years she was a government servant. She hardly had a fever or cough in her working years. And this stomach pain caused 1 year after she retired from her service. Hence we started her treatment from a proper Gastrologist. Before meeting this doctor we attended several hospitals and local clinics but she was not getting recovered. Hence this Gastrologist is the last doctor we met and he suggested my Mom to start doing Yoga. Hence I hired a personal Yoga trainer and my Mom started learning Yoga. Trust me it helped her in many ways. Learning Yoga has benefited her health in multiple ways. There was a time when she won’t be able to sleep without consuming medicines. We have visited 12 hospitals and local clinics for her treatment but nothing worked out in her case. After practicing yoga for one week she stopped taking medicines and started concentrating more on consuming Sattvic Diet. Hence she actually set out as an example for all of us in our family which made us realized that yes Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength, you start to believe in your own potential. And at this point, my mom loses 15 kgs and she did this at the age of ’60s. So we have to think if our parents are doing so much at their age then what’s stopping us from doing. Nobody inspired me but my Mom did. Here is one picture of my Mom doing Aerial Yoga.

The day I got inspired from my Mom I joined Yoga class and have completed just one week and already love it so much. In just one week my trainer taught me so many Yoga Poses and Asanas some names of Asanas I will mention BHUJANGASAN, HALASAN, DHANURASAN, MATSYASAN, SHALABHASAN and many more. My first week of Yoga was really difficult to me I don’t even remember the names of all the Asanas. But once I started doing Yoga I noticed that I changed myself in many ways. My unhealthy combo breakfasts changed to fresh juices and fruits, I include salads, sprouts, soup in my lunch, I stopped eating Rice, fried items, and bakery stuffs, and I eat my dinner before 6 pm. I changed my meal timings and also changed my food habits. Your food habit starts changing when you start caring for your body you come to realize the efforts you are putting every single day in Gym, Yoga, or any workout. One thing I love about Yoga/Workout is the “sweating” I feel so refreshing once I sweat out. Here I would just say “I still have a long way to go, but I’m already so far from where I used to be, and I’m proud of that.”

To conclude, I really got appreciated from my friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues. I didn’t uploaded or added anything to my Whatsapp status from last one and a half year as I didn’t had anything exciting to share. And all of sudden when I uploaded my Yoga pictures; I received a bundle of applause, compliments, appreciations. This encourages me a lot to do Yoga every day. Here I would like to share some of my pictures doing Aerial Yoga which I enjoyed the most.

If you are a Yoga lover. Please do let me know your views on what encourages you to do yoga every day.

Thanks for reading…